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Bunder Tech International Ltd. is committed to delivering the best quality in the industry. Our Quality Management System is the means by which we satisfy the requirements of clients, particularly with regard to documenting what the company does to ensure quality management and keeping the Company's Quality Processes up to date. In every aspect of Dependable's operations, this commitment to quality is visible and active.


We continually strive to ensure that our Quality Assurance Policy is fully and completely understood by our employees, and that its procedures are implemented and maintained at all times. Our quality program reflects the concept that all of our work is performed within a process that is planned, performed, assessed, and continually improved.All employees are responsible for their role in procurement, support, delivery, and service management, with the goal of total customer satisfaction.


Quality is the fundamental ingredient to our success as an inherent part of our culture and philosophy. Every employee must maintain quality consciousness in every activity and comply with the requirements of the quality management system.Employees are empowered to correct potential and actual quality loss as it occurs and to propose ways to continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system through creative, positive sharing of ideas and expertise. The assurance of quality is fundamental to all the work undertaken by Bunder Tech and all personnel at every level in the Company's structure will practice the applicable established procedures.


We are well aware that in this industry, there is a tremendous amount of counterfeit and refurbished product in the market, and not to mention parts that have not been stocked in the correct environment or handled according to their specifications. We have therefore implemented several quality control procedures in order to protect our customers and products from possible quality issues.


Stable quality and integrity are our service principles. We understand customer requirements and are always compliant to our customer's quality expectations,we are strict in the quality controlling, We are committed to customer satisfaction and would like to know how we are doing.


Good quality is our target,we are strict in the quality controlling,our future depends on quality.


For more information on our quality policy,Please fell free to contact us.




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