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Bunder Tech is a leading distributor of electronic components for many manufacturer lines which are listed below. We have access to worldwide industry contacts whom we use to find additional products and manufacturers.

For your convenience, you can visit any manufacturer's website directly by clicking on their respective link.


TDK´s world-leading expertise in ferrite has yielded advanced electronic components, such as multi-layer ceramic capacitors and inductors. Focusing on miniaturization and surface mount requirements, TDK´s vast array of quality electronic components includes ferrite beads, transformers, piezoeletronic products, filters, inductors, and a variety of other products.


TDK Corporation is a prime source for electronic solutions. TDK products include inductors, capacitors, ferrites and factory automation systems. A more in depth look at TDK Corporation products would contain ceramic capacitors, EMC components, inductors, transformers, noise suppressing and magnetic sheets, sensors, actuators, resonators, sounding bodies, thermal print heads, RF components, magnets, power supplies, FA systems, board mount power products and more. TDK Corporation was founded in 1981 and is based in Garden City, NY.



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