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Bunder Tech is a leading distributor of electronic components for many manufacturer lines which are listed below. We have access to worldwide industry contacts whom we use to find additional products and manufacturers.

For your convenience, you can visit any manufacturer's website directly by clicking on their respective link.


Capxon Group is one of the Asian leading vertically integrated aluminum electrolytic capacitor makers.The capacitor product produced by Capxon used the brand of「CapXon/豐賓」to sell in the regional and aboard markets and is widely used in computer peripherals, power supply products, consumer electronic products, communication products, lighting products, and automation products.

They include the SMD electrolytic capacitors, for which the EV, JV, MV and TV series were launched during the Year; the solid-state conductive polymers, for which the PL, PS, PU, PX, PM, PD and PV series were launched during the Year, and the newly innovated products which have the features of being flame retardant and with safety vent construction design, for which the MF, WF and LF series were launched during the Year. In addition, the Group also successfully developed certain products which meet the requirements of the automotive industry for heat resistance, shock-proof, high ripple rejection and low resistance, and obtained the ISO/TS 16949 certification for such products, thereby becoming a qualified supplier for the related electronic devices for the automobile industry.



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