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Bunder Tech is a leading distributor of electronic components for many manufacturer lines which are listed below. We have access to worldwide industry contacts whom we use to find additional products and manufacturers.

For your convenience, you can visit any manufacturer's website directly by clicking on their respective link.

Avago Technologies
Avago Technologies parts offer superior performance and reliability. Bunder Tech supplies factory new Avago Technologies parts, obsolete Avago Technologies parts, hard-to-find Avago Technologies parts, and surplus Avago Technologies parts. We have millions of parts and components available to you in stock and through a supply chain of thousands of reputable electronic component and hardware suppliers. Submit a quote today for your required Avago Technologies parts and receive a prompt response. Bunder Tech wants to be your supplier for Avago Technologies parts.

Avago Technologies is a manufacturer of ASICs, fiber optics, LEDs, LED displays, motion control encoder products, navigation interface devices, optical sensors, hermetic and plastic optocouplers and RF/microwave devices. Applications for Avago Technologies products include automotive, communications, consumer, industrial, military and solid state lighting. Avago Technologies began as HP's components division in the 1960s and has a history of innovation ever since.


Bunder Tech Services Electronic Components is your trusted supplier for obsolete electronic components and hardware, hard-to-find electronic components, and military electronic components and hardware.



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