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Bunder Tech International Ltd. is a professional electronic component distributor located in Hongkong, Shenzhen and USA .Now,,we are the franchised distributor of Samyoung electrolytic capacitors in China.We are specialist in offering a wide range of military,industrial and commercial electronic components.We serve distributors and resellers.We apply premium service and superior quality to deliver industry-leading, high-performance solutions to our customers around the world. Our mission is to create and nurture significantly rewarding relationships between our customers,our suppliers and Bunder Tech.


All of our employees have a strong work ethic and a strong commitment to provide the high quality products that not only meet but also exceed our customer's requirements.  Along with quality products, Bunder Tech provides prompt replies, competitive prices, timely delivery and comprehensive after-sales services.


Basic of our years-experience and good standing guarantee which we build in our field, we can gives our customers the ability to lower their production costs, without sacrificing the quality and product standards that have made them successful in their individual markets.we are very glad that we have served thousands of customers worldwide.








Our Mission

Bunder Tech will be relentless in creating successful partnerships with customers, employees, vendors and the communities in which we do business.


Our Values

In our relationships with employees, customers, vendors and the community at large we embrace and guide our actions by the following values:



We behave with the highest level of professional ethics.



We continually foster partnerships based on truth and sincerity.



We are reliable and uphold our commitments and we expect the same from all stakeholders.



We consistently treat all in accordance with the highest professional standards.



We value and recognize everyone.



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