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Who we are

Bunder Tech International Ltd is a professional distributor of military,industrial and commercial electronic components. we are specialist in offering a wide range of electronic components.we have been engaged in this field for many years.Our advantage is that we are expert in this industry...

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What we do
  Filters Diodes  
Crystals Relays
Inducotrs Mosfet
Resistors Switches
Alum. Elect. Capacitors IGBT Modules
Film Capacitors Memory
Ceramic Capacitors Integrated Circuits
  Tantalum Capacitors Power supply  
Why choose Bunder Tech
>> Uncompromising quality
>> Competitive & attractive price
>> Quick response & cost-effective solutions
>> Fast delivery system and trouble-free operations
>> 1 year warranty for all products we offered
>> Always ensure customer satisfaction
Our primary focus has always been on product quality and it always will be .Good quality is our target. Stable quality and integrity are our service principles. We understand our customers' needs and can handle all the requirements.Our commitment is to provide the highest quality products competitively priced, with services that exceed our customers’ expectations. Bunder Tech is committed to customer satisfaction and would like to know how we  are doing...
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Bunder Tech offer an array of services to help our customers improve their bottom lines and time to market objectives. We create demand for our partner’s excess material while fulfilling the requirements we see in the marketplace. We have excellent logistic capabilities that enable us to provide quality services to our partners ...

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